Mechanical Repairs

Bothwell Motors offers a broad range of mechanical repairs, including:

- Brake servicing and machining
- Clutch and drivetrain repairs
- Engine rebuilding
- Gearbox and differential rebuilds
- Steering and suspension repairs
- Turbocharger and intercooler replacement
- Radiator and cooling system repairs
- Wheel alignment and balancing, both on-board and off-car
- Auto-electrical repairs and diagnostics
- Petrol and diesel fuel system fault diagnosis and repairs

All of our services come with a 1-year / 20 000 km guarantee. We can also organise for any other vehicle needs you might have through our industry colleges. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today!

Logbook Servicing

When buying a new car, the warranty it comes with covers you against certain unexpected expenses early in the vehicle's life. To keep this warranty active, it's a requirement that the owner bring their vehicle to a reputed auto repair workshop for what's called a logbook service, which maintains the vehicle and checks for any warning signs of future trouble. While many car dealers will try to convince you these can only be done at the dealer's own service department, the truth is you can legally save yourself the added expense and inconvenience by bringing your vehicle in to Bothwell Motors instead.

We're able to provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of passenger car and light commercial van or ute, giving you an early warning of potential vehicle problems to repair and allowing you to maintain your vehicle and its warranty.

To find out more, or to book your next logbook service with us, talk to our team today!

Safety Inspections

Before you sell your vehicle, or transfer ownership to a third party, or before you re-register a vehicle for use on the road, it needs to be deemed fit for the road by a workshop certified by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This involves having your vehicle undergo a safety inspection, known in other states as a roadworthy inspection.

Bothwell Motors is properly accredited to conduct safety inspections and provide certificates of inspection for a wide range of vehicles, including:

- Safety Certificates for light vehicles up to 4.5T GVM
- Safety Certificates for light trailers and caravans between 0.75 and 3.5T GVM
- Certificates of Inspection for heavy vehicles between 4.5 and 16T GVM
- Certificates of Inspection for trailers and caravans between 3.5 and 10T GVM

We'll check your vehicle's key safety features and basic components to make sure it meets the Department of Transport and Main Roads' strict standards.

To find out more, or to book a safety inspection for your vehicle, give us a call today!

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle's brakes are arguably your most important safety feature, but they often go neglected by drivers despite being subject to a greater level of wear and tear than most other vehicle parts. Without regular checks your brakes can deteriorate quickly, affecting your vehicle's ability to stop when needed.

At Bothwell Motors we're able to repair and replace all components of your vehicle's brake systems, from worn brake pads and rotors, brake fluid and hydraulic cylinders to linings, drums and air systems in larger vehicles. We can also machine worn components back to manufacturer's standards.

To find out more about our brake services, contact us today!

Engine Repairs

Your engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and faults here can drastically affect your vehicle's performance, fuel consumption, or even disable it entirely.

At Bothwell we can offer a range of engine services, from replacing worn timing belts and resetting valve clearances to cylinder head replacement and complete rebuilds of petrol and common rail diesel engines.

To find out what else we can do for your engine, or to book your vehicle in for repairs, get in touch with us today!

Clutch & Gearbox

Difficulty changing or staying in gears, or unusual noises or smells from under your car, are all warning signs of potential trouble in your vehicle's transmission or gearbox. If left to develop, it can affect your vehicle's performance at higher speeds, ruin your vehicle's ability to maintain consistent speed (or even reverse), or even prevent your vehicle from starting at all.

Our team of technicians can service your vehicle's entire drivetrain, from the clutch pedal to your manual or automatic transmission, restoring control of your vehicle. We can also service and repair differential systems, which improves handling around corners and the reliability of your vehicle.

To find out more about our services, give us a call today!

Steering & Suspension

Many handling and ride comfort issues stem from faults in your vehicle's steering or suspension systems. Excessive 'play' in your steering wheel or a loss of responsiveness behind the wheel can be indicative of problems in your vehicle's power steering system, and excess body roll through corners or damage to the vehicle's underside are typical signs of a failing steering or suspension system. Our team of experienced technicians can service your vehicle's steering and suspension, including the replacement of springs, shocks, bushings and other key suspension components.

We can also offer a quality wheel alignment and wheel balancing service, including the full complement of your wheel's rotating parts, all to maximise wheel contact with the road for improved handling and tyre life for all vehicles. Our purpose built facility allows us to perform wheel alignments on vehicles that have been lowered, widened and extended such as motor homes, limousines, hearses, light trucks and track cars. 

To find out more about these services, contact us today!

Diagnostics & Auto-Elec

With the sophistication of modern vehicles and a greater focus on on-board devices to improve the driving experience, having a healthy electrical system in your vehicle is more important than ever. Sometimes finding the source of your vehicle's woes requires more attention than glancing at your dashboard's warning lights.

The team at Bothwell Motors is equipped with up-to-date Snap-On and Launch diagnostic scan tools, giving us a more specific idea of where your car might be experiencing pain and allowing us to service your vehicle more effectively. We can also conduct most minor auto-electrical repairs.

To find out more or to book your vehicle in for a diagnostic service, talk to one of our team today!

Cooling Systems

Keeping your vehicle's engine cool is essential to proper vehicle health; an overheating engine can lead to all sorts of disastrous faults, potentially taking your vehicle out of action entirely.

At Bothwell we can provide a comprehensive range of cooling system repairs, from replacing cracked or leaking hoses and valves to swapping out faulty thermostats and repairing or replacing your vehicle's radiator and heater units.

If your vehicle is overheating, don't risk further damage; organise for Bothwell Motors to repair it immediately. Give us a call today!

Air Conditioning

When it comes to driving in Australia, a properly working air conditioning system is essential for drivers' ride comfort.

Bothwell Motors, in partnership with industry leading air conditioning specialists, can conduct repairs and servicing for your vehicle's air conditioning system, including a re-gassing to restore your vehicle's ability to cool your cabin and keep it primed for use through the summer months.

To find out more, get in touch with us today!

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